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You must have heard about hookup site Adult Friend Finder before aka aff.com? In 1994, a man named Andrew Conru created Web Personals, the first online dating site ever. In 1996, after selling Web Personals, he created a site called


Wanna get laid at Fuck Book? There are plenty of dating sites out there, some of which even claim to be hookup friendly; others have just built a reputation for being so. Not every dating site is ideal, though, when

Ashley Madison

Want to cheat on your wife or girlfriend at AshleyMadison? Just because a goal has a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score. That’s the kind of attitude you need going into this next dating site. It’s all about discretion and


You’ve seen it time and time again, I’m sure … “Sign up now for the number one hookup site! No charge! No card needed! Tons of hot sluts ready to fuck in your area!” How many times have you been


Looking to “Be Naughty”? Porn is fucking awesome, but it usually doesn’t get you laid. Sure, you can check out forums, or hop into discussions with other people on certain sites, but when does that ever work? Those people might


Sex Dating can sometimes feel like playing the lottery. It’s a crazy-ass game of chance where you never know who you’re going to be in bed with at the end of the night. Will it be that hot brunette you


Uber Horny! It can be a pain in the ass going out there to meet horny sluts. So many bitches these days have dumb fucking expectations for a “relationship” or “something stable.” Man, screw that. I just want to take

Friends With Benefits

The whole concept of Friends With Benefits can be a little controversial, depending on who you ask. There are dudes out there who claim it never works out, that there are always strings attached, no matter what she says. I’ve

Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs calls itself the World’s Largest Cheating Site, which is kind of a bold-ass claim for a joint getting just a tenth of the traffic they’re pulling over at Ashley Madison. Then again, a tenth of ten million is


Swingers Date Club aka SDC Swingers aka SDC.com! Not every website that you visit in order to feed your endlessly lustful appetites has to be an orgiastic smorgasbord of escorts and porn and all-out fuck fests with anal gaping and